Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider Man with a cruel fate

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate


Young Peter Parker lost both his father (Richard Parker) and mother (Mary Parker) in a terrible plane crash at the age of 6. From there, the boy moved to live with his uncle Ben and aunt Mary Parker (Peter’s aunt had a rather simple, poor life) in New York. When he was a child, Peter showed a very intelligent mind (as smart as Tony Stark in his youth ^^) so he was accepted as an honor student at Midtown High School. However, our boy Peter has a rather timid personality and is very passionate about reading, so his life from a child until he entered high school, Peter has very few friends, which makes Peter a be out of touch with society.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate


While attending a technology exhibition, Peter is bitten by a genetically modified spider. Although the bite is not very serious, but on the way home, Peter discovered that the spider bite made him have extraordinary agility, outstanding strength, plus the ability to cling to walls, release spider webs …

A few days later, Peter stumbles into a freestyle wrestling match to test his newfound strength. Peter easily knocks down all pro wrestling levels within 1 note. He became interested and began to sew a suit suitable for competition, adopting his stage name Spider-Man. While engrossed in the competition to earn money, Peter discovered a mix-up, but he didn’t bother to arrest him because he thought it was not his responsibility. Until one night, Uncle Ben was shot and killed by a thief, learned that the police were cornering the thief in the warehouse, Peter was angry to arrest him, then he painfully realized that it was the thief that he was We missed shooting Uncle Ben. Heartbroken and regretful, Peter realizes that gaining new powers means he has new missions as well.


The first difficulty that young Peter encountered after the sudden departure of Uncle Ben was financial deprivation. Aunt May was too old to work anymore, Peter looked so frail, he couldn’t find a job to handle the mounting debt. Right then, the editor Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle launched a campaign against Spider-Man, accusing Spider-Man of having a bad influence on children (fuck, old man GATO >”<).

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

When trying to save old Jameson’s own son from an accident. Spider-Man was blamed by him for the accident (yes, please take the blame). Spider-Man then broke into the Baxter Building, fighting the Fantastic Four in order to show them his skills in order to be hired by Reed Richard. But unfortunately they also rejected Spider-Man, F4 told Spidey that they themselves do not receive a single silver coin. Teong once fought Chameleon (a criminal with the ability to master disguises), Peter was pretended to be Spider-Man, stealing certain government military designs,. While Peter is trying to escape from the police, Peter captures Chameleon and hands him over to the police. Finally Peter found a way to make money when the Daily Bugle awarded a prize to anyone who took a picture of Vulture, a winged criminal. Spider-Man easily defeated him, and also took pictures, from there Jameson hired Peter to specialize in Spider-Man’s image hunting, on the condition that journalists would not wonder how he took the pictures. pictures like that.

Kicking off his heroic career, Spider-Man defeated a series of villains like Tinkerer; Kraven hunter; Sandman; Dr. Doom; Lizard (Dr. Lizard); Living Brain – an insane machine; Electro – an electrician who after an accident became a living source of electricity; crime boss Big Man and the Enforcers, Mysterio – a hallucinogen; Green Goblin (Green Goblin); and even the scariest enemy ever: Dr. Octopus (Doctor Octopus) a scientist with 4 more steel arms attached to his back… Some of the criminals mentioned above formed the Sinister Six, kidnapped Aunt May, but in the end all were captured by Spidey defeat.

Before graduating from high school, Peter went on to defeat many other criminals such as Circus of Crime, Scorpion, Beetle, Spider-Slayer, Crime-Master and Molten Man.


Graduating from high school, Peter has new friends such as Gwen Stacy, Flash Thompson (the kid who bullied Peter in high school) and most especially, Harry Osborn (the son of Norman Osborn, no one is a stranger. It’s the Green Goblind). Then the Green Goblind returned, knowing Spider-Man’s true identity, in a terrifying battle, Spider-Man defeated him, and also made him lose his memory of his crime.

During this time, Peter also confronts many new enemies such as Rhino; Shocker… Peter has also met and dated Mary Jane, although this time he has more feelings for Gwen. Weeks after battling Kraven the “hunter” and Vulture, Peter began to wonder if he should give up his Spider-Man identity? But then the number of crimes increased again, and a Kingpin kidnapped J.J. Jameson, so Peter is forced to continue to do justice, and at the same time he also remembers why he previously accepted this noble mission.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

Kingpin steals the mysterious artifact on display at Empire State University, the “Table Of Time and Life” stone (a treasure of Odin, the whole family watching the Thor movie carefully will see this). The stone was snatched from the hands of many people who wanted it: Spider-Man, Shocker (who worked for the Kingpin) and Man-Mountain Marko (who worked for the Mafia Maggia family). Finally, Silvermane, the boss of the Mafia Maggia, has captured the stone, he forces Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) to translate the language engraved on it. The doctor made him a miracle serum that when swallowed Silvermane immediately rejuvenated, but did not stop there, Silvermane’s body constantly degraded to the point of never being born, the old man. has completely disappeared (probably turned into a love bug =)) ). Meanwhile, Dr. Connors has gone into hiding.


Dr. Octopus recovered 4 steel arms and escaped from prison, he tried to control a plane but was stopped by Spider-Man, so he moved to attack the City Power Plant. Although he failed to capture Spider-Man, the next day, Ock ambushed and attacked Spider-Man on the roof of a tall building. Police Captain Stacy risked his life to save a child from being crushed by broken walls. Before he died, he told Spider-Man that he knew his true identity, also asking him to take care of his daughter Gwen.

Misunderstanding that he caused the death of Mr. Stacy, Spider-Man was hunted by several other heroes, such as Iceman of the X-Men and Prowler. Peter also has to go to Paris to prevent Gwen from leaving after his father’s death.

Things got worse and worse, Harry fell into a drug addiction, and Peter, Gwen and Mary Jane had to take care of him. It was also because of this that Norman Osborn regained his criminal memories, he turned into a Green Goblin again to challenge Spider-Man, but after witnessing his son’s terrible illness, the old man, the old man. give up ambition.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

The fact that he had to keep his identity a secret made Peter’s life too complicated, he didn’t want to be Spider-Man anymore, in trying to find a cure to erase his power, unfortunately Spiey grew four more arms. again. However, with the help of Dr. Curt Connors, Spider-Man defeated the Vampire Morbius and returned to his former self. He interjected in Dr.’s mutual payment battle. Octopus and Hammerhead, then fought the Hulk in Canada.

Norman Osborn once again transforms into the Green Goblin, kidnapping and raping Gwen Stacy (Oh damn it >”<). While he was holding Stacy on the Brooklyn Bridge, the two sides fought fiercely until Norman pushed Gwen down, although Spidey threw the net, but Gwen died from a cervical spine injury. The Green Goblin ran away, and Spider-Man was furious and heartbroken to hunt him down. During the final battle, Norman was stabbed in the stomach by his own skateboard. Although Mary Jane later tries to comfort Peter, Peter is still devastated after Gwen’s death.

Blamed for the death of the father and son Stacy, many other superheroes like Powerman, Punisher came to “ask” Spidey. At that time, Harry started to become Green Goblin 2 and kidnapped Flash Thompson, Mary Jane and Aunt May. Spider-Man found Harry hiding at Norman’s old house and defeated him, handed him over to the police, who put Harry in a mental institution.


After a trip to France, Peter is surprised to see Gwen Stacy (WTF @@ what is it?), but thanks to his friend Ned Leeds, he realizes that this Gwen is just a fake copy created by Jackal (Jackal is Professor Miles Warren teaching Peter’s Biochemistry at Empire State University). With the help of Tarantula, Jackal defeated Spider-Man, kidnapping him and Leeds. The reason Jackal opposed Spider-Man because he once loved Gwen unrequitedly and believed that it was Spider-Man who caused her death, after many experiments, he took a blood sample of Gwen and created a clone of her. . When Spider-Man regained consciousness, he found himself transported to a stadium, where he had to fight a clone of himself to save Leeds from an impending bomb. But then it was Gwen’s clone that made Jackal realize his mistake, she rescued Leeds just in time when the bomb exploded killing him and the Spider-Man clone. Spider-Man buried this clone’s body under the chimney of an industrial park. Gwen’s clone leaves New York.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

Later, Spider-Man had to confront Harry’s psychiatrist, Bart Hamilton, who became the Green Goblind 3, but he was not too dangerous, he was killed by the bomb he dropped on Spider-Man. Peter proposed to Mary Jane, but she refused, their feelings began to shake, she decided to leave Florida with her aunt and aunt Anna Watson.

Spider-Man finally proves his innocence to the other heroes, while Peter Parker also just graduated from Empire State University.

“Friends” in outer space

Spider Man later accidentally met a new female partner, Black Cat, the two began to love each other passionately, but only for a while, everything ended because Black Cat quite despised Peter’s poor life.

Before that, Spider-Man and many other superheroes were kidnapped by the Beyonder (this guy has extremely terrible power, there will be an article about this character later ^^) to take to fight in a secret world. Outer Space, “Secret Wars”. When Peter’s costume breaks, he uses technology from the Beyonder’s planet to patch it up, but unfortunately the suit is caught in the middle of an alien creature living “symbiotically” on the suit. costume, turning the costume black, very similar to when Spider-Woman first appeared. Since then, Spidey has worn the same shirt during fights. Some time later, Mary Jane come back.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

A strange man calling himself Puma appeared and broke Spider-Man’s arm, causing him to faint while trying to fix it, Black Cat appeared in time to rescue Spider-Man and then took him home and left him at home. Mary Jane thought Peter had fallen, so she came to visit, wanting to make him happy. Suddenly, following the spider’s instincts, Peter pushed Mary out of the room just in time for Puma to rush in. During the battle, Puma states that Spider-Man’s web is actually a living organism. Later, when Peter came home, Mary Jane confirmed he was Spider-Man. while Peter tried to deny it, just as Blackcat appeared, causing Mary Jane to leave, because Blackcat didn’t take Mary Jane seriously, Peter slapped her.

Blackcat should also be angry and leave, but for unknown reasons, the costume Spider-Man is wearing arbitrarily shoots silk to hold her hand, Blackcat thinks it is because Spider-Man does not want her to go. Peter feels his costume begin to behave strangely, he goes to Fantastic 4’s Mr Fantastic Reed Richard’s help. He (Reed) immediately recognizes the costume as a body. lived and freed Spidey from it, then locked it up at the Quad’s headquarters. The creature later escaped, continued to cause trouble for Peter, and most of all, it fused with Eddie Brock (an opponent of Spider-Man) to create a vicious Venom.

Later, Spider-Man began to join the Avengers group because he learned that the members of the group were sponsored by Iron Man with a very good salary. He proved to be excellent, helping the team defeat many dangerous enemies. However, Spidey proved uncooperative to follow the group’s orders, so he was fired by the Avengers. However, he later meets Silver Sable, a world-renowned mercenary, Peter often works for her.

A short time later, Peter and Mary were married. Venom reappeared but was unable to fight Spider-Man. Harry Osborn rented a small room to the newlyweds in the Osborn family’s luxury apartment. Finally, the Parker couple had to move back to Aunt May’s house because of financial difficulties.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

At this point, Spider-Man continued to work with the Avengers to deal with Nebula and her massive Infinity Union forces. Distracted and tired of too many things, and not used to fighting opponents from the universe, Spider-Man accidentally let Nebula continuously expand his power, neither the Avengers nor the Stranger entity could stop him.

The Avengers once again advised Spider-Man to be unfit for the group, although he was later recognized as an unofficial member of the group.

Peter returned to his studies and research, working as a laboratory assistant at Empire State University. He received the power of Captain Universe to stop a series of robot Sentinels specialized in destroying mutants. When all was well, Spider-Man also lost that source of invincible power.

WAR WITH Clones (second time)

Aunt May had heart failure and was very weak. By chance, Peter Parker meets Ben Reilly, the clone who once fought him. Reilly prepared a similar outfit and took the nickname Scralet Spider to help Spider-Man. Shortly after, Mary became pregnant, the couple moved to Portland, Peter also gave up being Spider-Man, returning to his family.

Reilly personally inherited the Spider-Man moniker because Dr. Octopus smeared the name Scarlet Spider. Meanwhile, baby May Parker was born, but Mary’s birth condition was also in critical condition. The Green Goblin returns (again =.= tough as a leech >”<), he kidnaps the child, forcing the hospital to inform the Parker family that the baby died in childbirth due to a miscarriage. When the Green Goblin was about to kill Peter, Ben Reilly appeared, taking his own body on his skateboard, replacing Peter.


Months later, Norman Osborn took control of the Daily Bugle. He made Peter extremely angry, so Spider-Man punished him very harshly, unfortunately all of which was captured by a secret camera. Spider-Man is seen as a criminal in urgent need of arrest. To investigate his slanderer, Peter abandoned his identity as Spider-Man, and created four new, independent characters: Dusk, Hornet, Prodigy and Ricochet. As Dusk, Peter investigates Trapster as a fraud, Dusk clears Spider-Man, since then Peter continues to use the identity of Spider-Man. Later, Black Marvel, the hero of the golden era, obtained those four costumes, which were given to the four teenagers who made up the Slingers.

A year after the tragedy of Onslaught, the members of the Avengers group regrouped, sending an invitation to Spider-Man, because he used to help him, but he decided to work independently.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

Surprisingly, Aunt May is still alive and well, the woman who thought she was about to die before was actually a genetically engineered mutant impersonating her. Aunt and the Parker couple moved to Manhattan. Despite promising Mary Jane not to be Spider-Man anymore, Peter still regularly sneaks out every night. Their marriage begins to fall apart, partly because of Mary Jane’s new job as a model, and partly because she discovers Peter sneaks out every night. They have not yet reconciled, Peter has heard that Mary died in a plane crash, he does not want to believe this, but gradually has to accept the truth.

However, some time later, Peter discovered that Mary Jane was indeed alive. A criminal who has long been pursuing her kidnaps her right before the plane takes off. After a touching reunion, Mary suggests she needs to live alone for a while to regain her composure.


Peter quickly landed a job as a teacher at the old Midtown High School itself. He meets a man named Ezekiel, whose superpowers are very similar to Peter’s. He also finds out Peter’s secret, and tells Peter many things about his powers, things that Peter never thought of such as the fact that the spider that bit Peter was contaminated with radiation and the spider wanted to pass on the power. mine to Peter before he died. Finally, he revealed to Peter that he believed Spider-Man’s powers had deep divine roots. At the same time, he warned Spider-Man that a gladiator, Morlun, might come to kill him, but Peter ignored him, resulting in him being beaten to a pulp by Morlun. He asks Ezekiel for help, but Ezekiel refuses. When Morlun endangers everyone, Spider-Man turns to Ezekiel again, this time he agrees to help Spider-Man.

Spider-Man injects himself with radiation from a nuclear plant to increase his strength, only then will Spider-Man have a chance to defeat Morlun. After an intense battle, the tired Spider-Man returned home and slept deeply. Just as Aunt May entered the room, she found Peter covered in serious injuries, a torn Spider-Man suit on the floor.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

It took a day for Aunt May to calm down after learning the truth about Peter, she told him about it. My aunt’s love is closer than ever. Plus, in the end, Mary and Peter were reunited. After a prison break occurred at Raft Prison, Spider-Man joined the New Avengers. Peter and Mary’s residence is attacked, they have to move into the Avenger Tower to live.

The changes since the war with Morlun forced Peter to find a way to harmonize the “human” and “spider” elements in him. He became faster, carried sharp venomous spikes in his hands, could see through the dark, better sense the slightest vibrations from his webs, have superior crawling abilities, and flying powers. often when you need to carry heavy objects.


Despite his doubts, Peter agreed with Iron Man and called for other superheroes to come out to register. Tony even convinces Peter to take off his mask to appear on a live TV show to pioneer other superheroes to follow suit.

Even so, this cost Spider-Man, constantly fighting superheroes who wanted to run away, and especially in the presence of a copy of Thor, Spider-Man decided to join the rebels. . After Steve Rogers was arrested, a general amnesty was issued but Spider-Man did not receive a pardon, he continued to work underground with the Avengers.

Spider-Man’s true identity was revealed, the Kingpin crime boss immediately attacked the Parker family. Aunt May was fatally shot by an assassin, Spider-Man changed into a black outfit to track down the culprit.

Realizing that the identity of the entire family could not be made public, Spider-Man assisted Scarlet Spider, in exchange for hiding his family’s whereabouts.

covenant with the devil

Peter tries to cure Aunt May. He asked for all the help, but even Dr. Strange also gave up .com, no miracle could save her. Peter begs Tony Stark to provide Aunt May with $2 million for her hospital bills, and to provide the best medical care possible. Then Mephisto (the devil that gave Johnny Blaze the Ghostr Rider ability) appeared, he promised to save Peter’s aunt’s life at the cost that his memory of love between him and Mary would be erased, at the same time, no one remembers that Peter is Spider-Man anymore.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

And then Mephisto changed the whole historical reality, making him and Mary Jane never married, but still a couple forever, the memory of Peter’s secret in everyone’s mind was completely erased. except Mary). Mary Jane painfully brought with her memories of days that no one in this world could ever remember. She and Peter agree that they still love each other very much, but their relationship could put those around them at risk, so it’s best to just be friends.

After five years living in a rehabilitation center in Europe, Harry Osborn has returned. Peter needed to find a job, he signed up to work for the Daily Bugle (now acquired by Dexter Bennett) to work as a paparazzi, but neither Mary nor Aunt May agreed to this.

But because of the pictures he took of Bobby Carr, a crazy super-criminal who had killed a bunch of women. Peter decided to destroy all the pictures he took, and of course he was fired by Dexter. Not only forcing Peter to quit his job, Dexter also used his connections to sabotage to prevent Peter from getting any other work. At Harry’s suggestion, Peter applied for a job at the Front Line, uninfluenced by Bennnett.


Now that Norman Osborn has become Iron Patriot, taking the lead of the Dark Avengers, Peter needs to reveal his true identity to the New Avengers so they can trust him.

During a trip to the Macroverse, Spider-Man revealed his secret to both Fantasic 4. Two months later, when confronting Norman Osborn and his team of Dark Avengers, Spider-Man resorted to a transformation costume. F4 team to disguise themselves as Venom, infiltrate the Dark Avengers headquarters.

Peter discovers Norman’s intention to turn his son, his friend Harry, into an American Son. Harry is captured by Norman, he angrily confronts Norman about his father’s relationship with his girlfriend, Lily Hollister. It was Spider-Man who stopped Harry from killing Norman.


Aunt May married Jay J. Jameson after Spider-Man and the Human Torch saved him from Dr. Octopus. Peter also reconnects with Black Cat. He fights someone who wants to kill Ben Reily. His first clone, Kaine, is back. Spider-Man continues to assist Jackpot (Sara Ehret) in fighting crime, even overcoming Mr Negative’s manipulation.

Blood debt to repay

The Kravinoff family began a feud with Spider-Man, kidnapping Madame Web and Mattie Franklin, one of the Spider-Womans. Spider-Man recorded illegal experiments in which Osborn sought to tarnish his reputation.

Spider Man - Peter Parker - Spider-Man with a cruel fate
Spider Man – Peter Parker – Spider-Man with a cruel fate

Later, Spider-Man encounters old enemies that have been equipped with more power such as Electro, Sandman, Rhino, Lizard (who has now evolved, “killing” his old self). All of them are greatly assisted by Sasha Kravinoff because she wants revenge on Spider-man.

The Kravinoff family killed Spider-Woman to reincarnate Grim Hunter, and tried to kill Spider-Man to revive Kraven, but the real one to die was Kaine, who bravely took the place of Peter. The Kraven family fought each other, after the battle Madame Web died, Aracne became the new Madame Web, Kaine resurrected as a spider-like mutant with many eyes and two extra pairs of spider legs on her back.


Dr. Octopus hires some crime bosses to find him a secret item. Meanwhile, Peter wants to sell some things to make some money, but Betty disagrees. When he got home, he discovered that Michele had sold off his clothes to make up for the lack of rent. Peter was late for his appointment with Carlie, when he arrived where she was talking to Harry and Mary. Immediately after that, Menace (Lily Hollister) rushed in, ramming the whole wall of the Coffee Bean.

Quickly save Stanley, Lily’s child from Dr Octopus. Harry and Mary want to take Lily to safety but Carlie refuses to go with her, she hates Menace and insists on staying behind to find Peter under the rubble. The media reported that Spider-Man had kidnapped a baby, and Homeland Security was immediately mobilized to take him back.


Due to being bitten by an irradiated spider, Peter has the following abilities:

Climbing the wall: being bitten by a spider gives Spider-Man the ability to control the electrostatic attraction of electrons to each other. This allows Spider-Man to stick to things through his fingers, climb walls, easily, this suction is so strong that each finger can suck even tons of objects, the limit of this attraction. no one knows yet.

SUPER STRONG: easily lifts 10 tons, so he can compress, flatter, and load a mini-truck as easily as a toy. Max can lift 15 tons. Therefore, every time when fighting with a weak opponent, Spider-Man just taps the opponent’s head and turns immediately. Before Mephisto changed reality, Spider-Man was able to lift up to 20 tons. Super strength also gives Spidey the ability to jump extremely high, with just a slight bounce, he can jump up to 10m vertically.

– SUPER SPEED: The ability to move, dodge bullets, acrobatics very fast. He can easily catch up with a speeding car, but anyway Spidey still prefers swinging to running =)).

-SUPER DURABLE: muscles do not know what fatigue is because the body produces less toxins when exercising than normal people, holding breath for 8 minutes underwater (more than Wolverine already) and possibly longer, the body can withstand strong physical impacts, falling from a building to the ground does not die, even when the boxer punches Spidey, they can break their arm.

-SUPER STRONG, BALANCED: Spidey’s muscles are extremely supple, able to perform the most difficult movements such as turning, flipping, flexing, swinging, swimming, etc. Keeping his balance like a boss even while standing on a thread (if the thread doesn’t break ^^). If need be, Spidey can break the record of any sport he likes in the Olympics

-SUPER REACTIVITY: Reflexes 40 times faster than normal human, no single attack can reach him. Even when bullets are fired at a distance that is not too close, it is still easy to dodge.

-SUPER HEALTHY: Although not as fast as Wolverine, Spidey easily heals soft wounds and fractures within just a few days. During the match against the Masked Marauder, he was completely blind, but only two days later, he was able to see well again.

Immune to toxins: The body is better resistant to chemicals and bacteria than the average person. During the Swarm clash, Spider-Man was stung by thousands of bees, but only 24 hours to recover. Resistance to different poisons is also not the same. Despite being poisoned by Vampires, or getting acid in his eyes by Vulture, he quickly recovered. However, our hero’s drinking capacity is only average.

-Spider SENSE: Spider-Man has a special ability to foretell unexpected dangers, with a sharp pain in the back of his neck, closely related to his excellent reflexes. Even while sleeping, it’s easy for him to automatically avoid any danger, unless he doesn’t want to.

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