who is venom

Who is venom? Who made venom? Who owned Venom?

Character Introduction Venom

The essence of the character Venom is a symbiote from outer space, first appearing in 1984 in The Amazing Spider-Man episode 252. The creature takes the form of a thick, black liquid. Accidentally clinging to the body of reporter Eddie Brock. The symbiote quickly enveloped Eddie’s body, merging into a new life form called Venom.

Venom hatched from an egg deep inside a cave. Venom is a parasitic organism that lives on its host’s bloodthirsty Andrenaline. The first person Venom was “clinged to” was an inhabitant of an icy planet.

who is venom
who is venom

At some point, Venom was captured and weaponized by the alien arms dealer Haze Mancer, who used Venom himself to amplify the Andrenaline and bloodthirsty properties of his soldiers. Venom finally escaped.

Even so, Venom does not want to control his hosts, it only amplifies the host’s Andrenaline, granting them new powers thanks to this special hormone, and Venom does everything to protect the host. Therefore, as time goes on, the relationship between Venom and the host becomes closer and closer.

Venom’s personalities

Despite being a parasitic creature, Venom actually has a personality of its own. Venom’s nature is good indeed, however due to its first owner used it to carry out a genocide against his homeland. This makes Venom severely damaged personality, even addicted to the feeling of rage, when Andrenaline is high.

Even so, Venom wants to protect and help its hosts, often by turning them into predators. After arriving on Earth, Venom saw Peter Parker as its ideal host, and through its association with Spider-Man, it developed a basic understanding of complex emotions. From here, Venom not only knows the smell of rage, but it also knows the taste of jealousy, despair, sadness, and other negative emotions.

who is venom
who is venom

But Spider-Man’s will was too strong, Venom could not be tamed. So it accepted the parasite on Eddie Brock – a “lower” but “easier” host.

As time goes on, Venom becomes more arrogant, scornful, and brutal, even mocking its own host’s shortcomings. For example, Venom openly considers Eddie Brock to be a second-rate host compared to Peter Parker, considering Angelo Fortunato an undeserving host for not possessing enough “maliciousness”, causing him to fall to his death.

Venom also became increasingly bloodthirsty, twice abandoning Eddie Brock when he refused to satisfy its growing hunger. Brock describes Venom’s bloodlust as an ocean of darkness trying to engulf him.

In short, Venom grows stronger day by day, possessing more power, but getting more and more bogged down in negative emotions. It grew darker and darker and more cruel and unstoppable.

Strength and Abilities of Venom

In the original, when he first came to Earth, the first host that Venom intended to take over was Spider-Man / Peter Parker. After temporarily bonding with Spider-Man, the symbiote and those it later possessed give it the ability to shoot webs, swing walls, and endure physical strength.

who is venom
Who is venom

But in this solo movie, Venom’s superpowers are completely innate. It can transform itself at will: when fighting, it will be a scythe with mass damage, when it needs to climb, it will turn into limbs like a spider. Venom’s power when appropriating Eddie Brock is greatly increased, allowing the creature to easily knock up tons of cars like toys, and freely play with soldiers armed to the teeth. .

When it comes to weaknesses, Venom’s “fatal” as well as most symbionts is sound at strong intensity. At a certain pain threshold, sound can break the connection between Venom and the host, leading to the complete elimination of the ability to fight. In addition, symbionts are afraid of fire and high heat.

Harley Quinn

Sometimes a villain, sometimes a hero

Venom’s “evil” address is very unique, when he always uses the plural – “We”. It is also because of its nature as a symbiosis, so Venom can only live with but not be allowed to completely take over Eddie Brock’s body.

Compared to a voracious and murderous cosmic creature, Eddie Brock, despite having many dark sides in his soul, is still a man of conscience. Inside the character, there are always internal struggles, making Venom a complex, deep “anti-hero” type. In some early stories, Venom even teamed up with Spider-Man to take on more dangerous enemies, or become the hero of his own story.

who is venom
who is venom – venom clothes

The movie version played by Tom Hardy will also develop Venom in a multidimensional, layered direction. Through Hardy’s excellent performance, viewers can clearly feel the stages of “fighting” between Eddie and the demon sleeping inside the body: From resistance, acceptance, to compromise. Eddie never let his humanity be erased, no matter how dangerous the situation.

This is not the first time Venom has appeared on the big screen

In fact, Venom and Eddie Brock appeared in the Spider-Man 3 movie, starring Tobey Maguire. However, the version that day was criticized as one color, lacking depth. Venom’s visuals are also not very popular.

This return, Venom brings a new look that is more quaint and more faithful to the original. All the most delicate effects, the most luxurious effects are poured into the shape of the symbionts appearing in the film. Remember when the second trailer of the movie was released, the Venom monster appeared for a moment, showing his sharp fangs and super-long tongue, which was enough to make fans “stand still”.

Venom Fight Spiderman - Marvel clothes
Venom fight spider

In addition, director Ruben Fleischer the character must possess a personality that is attractive enough to viewers. The Venom symbiosis in the movie not only knows how to scream, but it also likes to talk sarcastically, mocking Venom’s innocence as well as the panic of the enemy. The creature thus appeals even more to audiences who were never fans of Venom or Marvel Comics, but are now ready to hit theaters.

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